Floppy Grabber


Game Jam


Floppy Grabber is a clumsy two player fighting game, think Qwop meets pro wrestling. Made for the January 2015 Game With US Game Jam, we won best gameplay! Made using Unity. My role was programming; Mostly character movement and some environment stuff.


Mike Bzowy, Kevin Squires, Graeme Judkins, Zang Jiawei, Jonas Tarnowetzki


Gamepad: left stick for character movement right stick for arms, hold right bumper to grab. Keyboard: A D to move left and right for player one, left and right arrows for 2nd player. IJKL to move arms for first player, hold space to grab. 8546 on the numpad to move arms for 2nd playerhold down to grab. Make sure numlock is on.Gamepad controls are recommended.